How to trade wisely and avoid scam

How to trade wisely and avoid scam?

Summoners War Account Trade edition.

Be aware. Nowadays scammers are everywhere, most likely on social media sites. The majority of the scam victims are those people who are new to the community and no knowledge in making transactions at all. In trading online “Negligence is not an excuse”.

Read some of these insights to prevent scam in buying or trading summoners war game accounts.

  1. Be vigilant – Be vigilant on other social media sites or groups. Searching for an account in social media is so risky. Many strangers are offering good accounts, with a cheap price just to get your attention and do unsafe transaction with them. Weekly groups are making reminders and posting scamming alerts. Be sure to read those alerts for awareness.  Don’t make the same mistakes that others did.  Scammers don’t care how kind you are and how nice you chat. They only care for themselves, to steal your account or money.

  2. .Always check the profile of the person before transaction – You must know that a good trader is cautious in any scam activity. A basic thing that trader must have is that they must know how to spot whether the person is real or a fake. Be careful there are scammers who are pretending to be a real person or using a real person’s account just to make their illegal activities. Example of this is the victims of phishing or hacked social media accounts. Scammers are using their victims account to make transactions. So don’t be fooled that easily. Don’t believe in everything you see. Nowadays showing valid/government Identification card is not enough proof.

  3. Always ask an opinion to an admin or any trusted individuals – We are asking opinions or advice to be sure of our decision. Because we fear that we might end up making the wrong decision. So we need certainty. An assurance that we can have the best decision we make. We seek advice from others in order to extend our range of vision and ability to analyze what is the best deal for you to make. Sometimes we can’t see what others can that’s why advice is very important is this kind community. Self review is good but second, third, fourth, fifth opinion is always way better.
  4. Always use a mid-man/broker service – Paying transaction fee is not that expensive compare with what you will loss in making unsafe trade. Mid-man or game broker in summoners war account trading has a very important role to avoid scam. Mid-man is the middle person who manages a successful transaction of buyer/seller/trader. They are the trusted individuals in securing your precious money and game accounts. The transaction fee is not that expensive compare with what you will loss in making unsafe trade.

  5. Remember the insights. By reading those tips above, there’s no way that scammers can steal your money or account. If you trust to serve and protect you in your trade transactions your 100% safe. Here at your transaction security is our priority. We are not allowing trades unless there is a mid-man online on our end. Just remember the tips and repeat you are  on the right track in transaction success!
How to trade safely and avoid scam
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How to trade safely and avoid scam
A reminder to all summoners war traders on how to trade their account wisely
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